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Signove releases Antidote as free-software

Antidote is a IEEE 11073 stack that enables communication with any 11073-20601 compatible device.

At this stage Antidote API is fully tested with Linux and BlueZ 4.81.


Signove has been contributing to enable HDP support in BlueZ (Linux Bluetooth stack) since 2010. However, HDP suppport is just the bottom half of the necessary support to communicate with a medical device. A prospective user still needed to find an IEEE 11073 stack library supplier, which would likely be expensive and closed-source.

For the time being, Signove releases the Antidote IEEE stack because we believe this is a valuable contribution to the community, and we believe that in that way we get a more robust system in exchange.

Licensed under LGPL, developers will have more freedom to create applications based on Antidote, either open-source or commercial.

Currently, Antidote supports Linux and BlueZ only. However, its transport plug-in architecture and few to none dependencies on other libraries lends itself to easy portability, either (rever) across different Bluetooth stacks, different operating systems, or even other transports like TCP/IP or USB devices.


Antidote: IEEE 11073-20601 Library library page. This page is the one-stop place to get documentation and download the source code.

Join the mailing list: Group page is

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