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Signove releases Antidote as free-software

Antidote is a IEEE 11073 stack that enables communication with any 11073-20601 compatible device.

At this stage Antidote API is fully tested with Linux and BlueZ >= 4.81.


Signove has been contributing to enable HDP support in BlueZ (Linux Bluetooth stack) since 2010. However, HDP suppport is just the bottom half of the necessary support to communicate with a medical device. A prospective user still needed to find an IEEE 11073 stack library supplier, which would likely be expensive and closed-source.

For the time being, Signove releases the Antidote IEEE stack because we believe this is a valuable contribution to the community, and we believe that in that way we get a more robust system in exchange.

Licensed under LGPL, developers will have more freedom to create applications based on Antidote, either open-source or commercial.

Currently, Antidote supports Linux and BlueZ only. However, its transport plug-in architecture and few to none dependencies on other libraries lends itself to easy portability, either (rever) across different Bluetooth stacks, different operating systems, or even other transports like TCP/IP or USB devices.


Antidote: IEEE 11073-20601 Library library page. This page is the one-stop place to get documentation and download the source code.

Join the mailing list: Group page is

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