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Welcome to Signove OSS wiki

This wiki contains information about Signove´s open-source projects, including description, resources, source code, links and much more.

Use the links below to explore the site contents. You'll find some content translated into other languages (mainly Portuguese), but the primary documentation language is English.

For general questions about Signove open-source projects, see the communication page. If you have a question about Signove Corp., please visit the Signove´s website.

Antidote: IEEE 11073-20601 stack

Antidote is an open-source library that implements IEEE 11073-20601 protocol stack. This standard is employed by health and fitness devices. Continua-certified and Bluetooth HDP devices are two sets of apparatus that use IEEE 11073 exclusively.

See the Antidote release announcement and the Antidote: IEEE 11073-20601 stack documentation page for more details.

GATT Emulator

This project aims to provide a simulator of Bluetooth Low Energy device, which uses Generic Attribute Profile (GATT).


HDPY is a Python project that aims to implement a testing/prototying of MCAP and HDP Bluetooth protocols.

Planet Signove:

Older posts about BlueZ (Linux Bluetooth) HDP, and HDPy:

HDP in BlueZ

More about BlueZ HDP API

HDPy: Pure Python implementation of HDP

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